Rules & Eligibility

Submission Process/Deadline for Entries: We will begin accepting submissions starting January 1, 2017. All entries must be submitted via the official online submission form, which will appear on this website after submissions open. Entries must arrive by June 1, 2017.

Public Screening and Awards Presentation
A public screening and awards presentation will be held in conjunction with the 20th annual Maine International Film Festival on Saturday, July 22 at 12:30pm.

Selection Criteria & Prizes

  • Films will be judged by category: Narrative, Documentary, and Creative (animated, experimental, etc.)
  • Works are selected by a qualified panel of judges on the basis of: Originality, Content, Style, and Technique
  • Submitted movies are reviewed by 3 judges, usually an educator, a media arts professional, and a MSFVF alumnus/a.
  • Winners & finalists receive a certificate of merit. Prizes vary annually.


  • Open to Maine residents 19 years of age and younger
  • Entries can be no longer than 10 minutes
  • The entire production must be the work of the person or persons entering the competition. For group productions, choose the age category matching the oldest authoring member of the group. There is no age limit for actors, documentary subjects, or musicians who may appear in the production.
  • Whenever possible, we urge students to use original music, copyright free music, or music they have obtained permission to use. Check out the Creative Commons website for more information about music available for students to use.
  • The MSFVF is an educational event and we encourage teachers, artists, and advisers to work with their students; however, the actual video production and editorial decisions must be made by the students.

Entry Fee
In an effort to encourage maximum participation by Maine students, there is no longer an entry fee to submit to the MSFVF!

Official Rules

  1. Anyone 19 years of age or younger who is a resident of Maine and in grades K-12 is eligible.
  2. Maximum length for entries is 10 minutes.
  3. There are three categories in which you may enter as many works as you would like: Pre-teen ~ grades K-6 Junior ~ grades 7-8 Senior ~ grades 9-12.
  4. As a rule, judges award winners and finalists in each category. The judges have final say in giving awards and they may expand or delete the number of awards in any given year.
  5. Maine Film Center and the cooperating organizations cannot be responsible for loss or damage of your entry.
  6. Maine Film Center shall have the right to make and use duplicate DVDs and digital media of entered movies for publicity and promotion in all formats and distribution outlets including broadcast, cable cast, internet, and future distribution and exhibition formats.
  7. The judge’s decisions are final.
  8. Maine Public is interested in airing selected student works on Maine Public Television. In order for your film to be considered for public broadcast, all rights to music, archival footage, etc. must be cleared.

Questions:, 207-861-8138